Adelaide Fringe Festival Poster

Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition 2017 Top Thirty

The programme includes an unbelievable eclectic mix of cabaret, comedy, circus, dance, film, theatre, music, visual art and design. It’s Carnivale meets Mardi Gras, with the entire city of Adelaide transformed for one entrancing month, in the summer sun and across balmy, star-filled nights.

Immerse yourself for four wonderful weeks in this festive delight. From mid-Feb to mid-March each year, thousands of artists surprise and amaze, they wow us, make us laugh, cry and gasp in amazement.

At the Adelaide Fringe you’ll be awash with choices, with artists of all genres, in venues of all sizes and styles. We foster new talent, independence and risk-taking. We aim to surprise and forever present the unexpected. We are open access for all.

This is the place to see ground breaking work, new talent, original voices, new ideas, innovative thinking, day and night.
This Poster titled Carmen Miranda has been shortlisted in the top thirty entries for 2017.

ClientAdelaide Fringe Festival Poster Competition 2017
SkillsIllustrator, Photoshop
Adelaide Fringe Festival Top thirty Poster Designs 2017 Loretta Faulkner Byron Bay Graphic Designs and Wordpressit Website Development

Adelaide Fringe Festival Branding to the Poster Winner

The concept for this poster was taken from the logo. Adding harmonious colours to a festive head dress the design came alive as it developed into a face with elaborate hat. The winner of the poster competition goes on to have their design splashed across Adelaide for the full period of the festival and the chance to exhibit their work as well.