Postage Stamp Design North Coast Weeds

ClientFar North Coast Weeds
SkillsIllustrator, Photoshop

Postage Stamp Design - Environmental Education

Weeds of the bushland and pasture lands are one of our countries most serious environmental threats. It is hoped that this collection may raise more awareness about this unglamourous subject.  Postage Stamp Design is a great way to get an environmental message into circulation. Far North Coast Weeds are always looking for ways to raise awareness about this threat to native biodiversity. Byron Bay Graphic Designs was commissioned to design a collection of stamps. There are many noxious weeds however this collection has focused on the top eight weed species for the north coast of New South Wales.

Postage Stamp design Byron Bay Graphic Designs Loretta Faulkner Graphic Designer and Website Developer

Postage Stamp Design

An educational collection of postage stamps for Far North Coast Weeds to raise the awareness about noxious weeds in the region and their impact on the native biodiversity.

Byron Bay Graphic Designs Environmental Weeds of the Far North Coast Stamp Collection Loretta Faulkner Botanical Collection